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Year: 1990

RoboCop returns to rid the lawless streets of the deadly new designer drug "Nuke." Unknown to RoboCop, OCP wants to take the city "private," and develop RoboCop 2, a newer, bigger and more powerful version to replace the original.

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The un-used script for Robo2 by Ed Neumier and Michael Miner begins with RoboCop getting blasted into metallic dust and being resurrected many years later, in a new world. This is the movie that never was. The true sequel to RoboCop.

The script featured here, is the first and only draft made and dates back to 1/1 1988. It is missing two pages, 48 and 101, but has the added bonus of featuring the notes of the writers on a lot of the pages. Some of the notes are more readable than others while some are hard or impossible to see. The full script is in a PDF format.

Size: 5+ Meg - Format: PDF - Pages: 101
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[DOWNLOAD: robocop2-corporatewars-script.pdf]

Script provided by the ROBOCOP ARCHIVE. This script should be distributed free AS IS, with no alterations or additions to it. This script should NOT be up for sale, trade or any other means of profit. The script can be uploaded to other websites, script archives as long as the script is not altered and the credit page in the pdf remain. Thank you for your cooperation


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