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ROBOCOP (2011)
RoboCop will be back 2011 with Darren Aronofsky as the director. This page will update with all the info of the new movie as it becomes available. Also check the front page and the board for the latest news and movie discussions.

RELEASE: 2011 (Summer?)

DIRECTOR: Darren Aronofsky

WRITER: Davil Self


RATING: Unknown

CAST: Unknown

FEB 2010


The forth movie is "frozen" until MGM can solve it's financial problems. Both writer David Self and Darren Aronofsky are still involved with it and are waiting for MGM, to sort things out.The movie still has a 2011 release date but that will probably change.

13 June 2009


An MGM spokesman told us the project is still on track - though not for a 2010 release, as reports initially suggested. The rep said that the studio had told distributors at an event a couple weeks ago to expect the movie in 2011. He said director Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler, The Fountain) and screenwriter David Self (Road to Perdition) were still working on the script, and that no casting had been completed.

The movie simply titled just "RoboCop" will be a reboot and totally unrelated to the original, taking place in a entirely new universe. They have completed the short treatment but havn't completed the full script yet. No casting or pretty much anything will be done until the script is completed.

As we all know, unlike Batman, Robo doesn't have any source material such as a comic to fall back on, so if they ignore the movies they are truly starting with a completely empty slate. Characters, names, places and designs. All new. So far they have only completed the screenplay so it is too early to say if they truly will drop ALL locations and characters, so there is still some small hope that Alex Murphy will return to fight ED-209 once more.


Will Peter Weller return as RoboCop?
No. Weller might show up in another role or a quick cameo but he's not coming back as RoboCop.

Is this RoboCop 4?
No. The movie starts everything fresh and is just "RoboCop", as in the first of a new trilogy of movies.

Will ED-209 be in the new movie?
Maybe. We hope so. But as it is a complete reboot and unrelated to the original, it doesn't look good.

DECEMBER 03 2008

Q: How far are you along?
Darren Aronofsky: "We just finished the treatment and the screenwriter is writing. So we'll see what happens."

Q: And it's not a remake?
Darren Aronofsky: "No."

Q: It's a total re-imagining?
Darren Aronofsky: "Yes."

Q: Does it still pretty much have the same storyline?
Darren Aronofsky: "No."

Q: Not at all?
Darren Aronofsky: "Not at all related."

Q: Then why even name it RoboCop?
Darren Aronofsky: "That I can't... that I don't want to answer."

Q: So you've done the treatment, when do you expect to film? Do you have a date?
Darren Aronofsky: "I don't know. No, I mean first we have to have a script and then the studio wants the names. So that's a big step, we're waiting for that, you know, so we have to get the script."