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PLAYBACK 2021_ The year in review

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Posted: Sat Jan 01, 2022 7:56 pm Reply with quote

Happy New Year. Again, not much materialized this year but now we're into the 35th anniversary year, there's a few things waiting in the wings. But first, a look back on 2021's slim pickings - hardly worth numbering them...


Imaginarium Art 1:2 RC-2000 v3.0

A mere 7 years after being announced, this high-end half-scale statue was available to preorder through Big Bad Toy Store. Limited to 120 pieces worldwide, I can't see that it ever shipped but there's an official unboxing video here:


Hiya Toys including SDCC Robert Cop variant

As well as a Comic Con exclusive, EM-208 double packs were released plus a first in the battle-damaged Robo from the end of the 2014 movie. More Classic Trilogy figures arriving soon. Love how these are pretty much in scale with Kenner's Ultra Police line.


The Movies The Made Us (Season 3 Episode 4) - Netflix

The "...That Made Us" series is known for its nostalgic celebratory looks back on toys, games and movies. But this pacey last through the classic '87 movie mostly covers the frought production and is franker than most in terms of some of the interpersonal battles on set. Familiar faces turn up to give interviews plus some higher ups in Orion such as Barbara Boyle provide some fascinating insight. Kurtwood Smith's impressions of Verhoeven are funny and worth watching for alone. And as Michael Miner puts it, despite all the problems, they knew they had lightning in a bottle. This season also covers Aliens, Halloween and A Nightmare On Elm Street.

What next for Robo?


Arrow 4K Discs

Arrow's previous box set gets a 4K upgrade, with Zavvi carrying a steelbook exclusive. Arrives late March.

Neca 35th anniversary figures

Now with access to Peter Weller's likeness rights, two new Robo figures with arrive early in 2022 alongside a reissue of ED-209. Hopefully a 1:4 scale will follow and, if successful, maybe some 2-packs with Officer Murphy & Lewis, and Clarence and melting Emil. Due early 2022.

More Hiya Toys figures

ED and RoboCain arriving soon, including a battle-damaged "face screen out" version of Cain.


With Dr Weller now on board, the 35th anniversary seems a likely time to release this long-awaited doc.

In Search Of Tomorrow

Weller has also contributed to this doc on 80s sci-fi and fantasy movies.

Rogue City game

Due 2023 but hopefully this year might bring some previews.

New film/TV show?
The appetite for IP films and spin-offs shows no sign of dying down on streaming sites even if theaters seem patchy. Robo seems an obvious choice for Amazon to develop (assuming they still have the rights, I can't keep up with these takeovers). In the meantime, Verhoeven and Neumeier are collaborating on a new original thriller called Young Sinner.

In memorium: Chronicle Collectibles 1:1 Robo Bust

Sad to see that Chronicle disappeared this year. They gave us some great Robo pieces over the last few years. The full-scale bust is showing on Sideshow's website but I don't know if it will ever ship.

Forgotten 2020
Also, in last year's Playback, I completely forgot to mention this insurance commercial that played on UK TV early in the 2020.

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Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 3:38 pm Reply with quote

A weak Robo year for sure. Only made a little better by the game announcement.

Of course we also got the Amazon buy out in 2021, effectively putting Robo in other hands than MGM. So far we've seen no real impact of this but i hope they do more with the character as MGM tended to neglect or forget Robo most of the time.

Apart from RoboDoc, all these recent and upcoming Robo documentaries are just uninteresting and boring to me. It's just the same info recycled.

I really do hope we get some kind of move/tv news or surprise this year. It's been really dry these recent years.

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Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 6:46 pm Reply with quote

Not Robo's best year, heck maybe his worst ever in terms of new content. I give you credit for getting a list together but it really was a paltry selection. The best things we got this year are announcements or updates regarding future projects. Rogue City is a genuine highlight, Peter Weller is in the RoboDoc and it inches closer to life, and I think the Amazon deal will have the most impact overall.

I think this is the first year since you started making these lists that I didn't end up buying at least one new Robo item on the list. But while I didn't get any new releases this year, this was the year I finally upgraded from my scratched up DVDs from the old trilogy box set to the blu-ray editions from Arrow and Shout Factory. These made the list in years past and are great products, I still haven't worked my way through all the bonus content.

My prediction for this year, the 35th anniversary, isn't too bright. I do not expect we will get any new series, movie, comic, etc... however, I do think this will be the year that we get an official announcement. The timeline doesn't make sense to me for Robo to retake the big screen in time for his 35th anniversary, but I could see Amazon announcing their new original series by the end of the year, but with a 2024 release date. If there is one thing I hope to see in 2022 that I think is a realistic expectation it would be a trailer for Rogue City.

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Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2022 7:40 am Reply with quote

Weak year? YES. It does provide for some good things to look forward to this year. RoboDoc has Weller's involvement and will finally be out (hopefully). The new game should have footage later this year as they start serious development. My hope is that NECA will make a Murphy figure now that they have Weller's likeness rights... Now to get Nancy Allen's...

Otherwise, I don't think we will get much in the way of new movie or show announcements. I don't think it's really on Amazon's radar right now.

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Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2022 12:23 am Reply with quote

What a year...

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