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RoboCop vs. The Terminator

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Posted: Sun May 03, 2015 2:21 am Reply with quote

So I may be mistaken, but it looked like we didn't have a topic covering the comic series for RoboCop vs. The Terminator.

I decided to check it out; this was a matchup that captured any sci-fi fan's attention. Plus, it kind of made sense. We're dealing with a man that became a machine, and a machine that became a man. Both center around the events of dystopian future, and the ultimate effect of technology on humanity.

Anyways, the plot was fairly solid; as a crossover, it was able to explain how both series' collided quite well. It turns out Skynet would use Murphy as a template for when it would begin to manufacture its own cyborgs. We get our hero traveling back as well, in similar fashion to Kyle Reese, except her role is swapped, as she now has to terminate Murphy to stop the takeover. Time travel is well covered here, and it explores multiple angles of the same event. It's interesting.

I only had a few things I really anticipated seeing in this; RoboCop matching up against the leather-clad Arnold Terminator. Unfortunately, we didn't exactly get that. Funny enough, there's a Terminator "family" sent back in time, and one of them is the Arnold Terminator, albeit dressed like he's going on a Hawaiian vacation. Though we don't see much of him. Murphy shoots out Arnie's human eye (is there a Terminator movie without the obligatory robot-eye reveal?), and early on in the actual fight, the Terminators get their human skins burned off. Though this comic exceeded my expectations when it was not simply about RoboCop vs. The Terminator... it was RoboCop vs. ALL of the Terminators. As a real underdog, it felt good to see Robo rise to the occasion. There was also a great scene where RoboCop recruits the assistance of some on-duty ED-209 units...

As a random note, I liked how the refugee camp's Terminator-detecting dog immediately saw no threat with Murphy and convinced the fighters of his goodwill. It reminded me of how the original RoboCop script was to have Murphy's dog be the only member of the family to recognize him.

Anyways, it caters towards both fan groups, and I'd recommend it. Currently, there's a beautiful hardcover collected edition with plenty of extras included) for not much more than $10.

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Posted: Sun May 03, 2015 2:52 am Reply with quote

Well, we've had many RvsT discussions in the past, so it's rather old hat for most of us.. I would have thought we kept at least one such topic around though.. Guess we get to repeat ourselves all over again, then. Smile

I know it's been tangentially been brought up in other threads, especially any about recommended Robo comics and anything going over the Dark Horse stuff. Might be worth taking a gander in those for a few thoughts. Though I'm sure we'll all grace you with some many-repeated views in due course, myself likely included. Wink

But to put it simply, it's amazing and well done for the most part, even if Miller does some of the writing kinda funny. The story is still great, and the art greater. I'd almost call it required media for any real Robo fan.
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