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RoboCop has appeared in a long line of comics through the years. Check out covers, fan projects and read full comics from Marvel and Darkhorse. There is also a extenssive gallery of comic covers from Marvel and Avatar Press.

Avatar Comics
The latest company to make RoboCop comics is Avatar Press, with their current releases being Frank Millers RoboCop and two single issues. More is to come during 2008.

Lee Sullivan Speaks
In a exclusive interview the main artist for the Marvel comic series talks to the RoboCop Archive about the series that ended after 23 issues and reveals some inside secrets.

RoboCop VS Terminator Article
Interview with creators Frank Miller and Walt Simonson about their explosive four issue series RoboCop VS Terminator. They talk about the comic series as well as RoboCop2.

Avatar Press cover gallery
One thing is for sure, Avatar Press loves doing covers and alternate covers. In fact they love it so much their 9 issue RoboCop series have over 30 Covers alone.

Steven Grant Commentary
Steven Grant adapted the Robo2 screenplay for the nine issues. Here he comments on the process of making it all happen, and makes plenty of shameless plugs.