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Fun facts and trivia from the first RoboCop movie. Pretty neat. You will find additional trivia for specific movies and TV shows in their separate sections.

One of the things RoboCop can't do, is get out of a car. The suit just won't do it and the bottom of the suit/legs had to be taken off, wich explains the framing of the shots. Another thing Robo can't do is walk up the stairs. The suit acts strange and the butt wiggles in a odd looking way. Amusing perhaps, but not what the robo team wanted, so the scene had to be cheated. The creators of the 2001 TV series RoboCop: Prime Directives ignored this problem though and sees Robo take on the stairs full on, resulting in a less than flattering image. It's pretty humorous to imagine RoboCop holding a bouquet of Avas Flowers too. Maybe he could hold some robotic flowers without squashing them but holding a real floral bouquet would probably not be possible.

Depending on who you ask, It took anything from 8 to 11 hours for Peter Weller to put on the suit the very first time. By the time he was ready, the day was almost over. The first scene shot with the suit was when robo leaves the target practice area and has to catch the car keys. It took one hour to do that scene as the keys kept on bouncing of robos "rubber gloves". When the scene finally was over, so was the day.

There was a lot of Christ and Vietnam influences through out the film.The Scientist who brings out ED209 has a name tag that reads McNamara. McNamara was the US Secretary of War during Vietnam and the name was intentional. The Design of ED209 was also based upon a "BELL UH-1H HUEY" gunship. The most used helicopter during Vietnam.

Paul Verhoeven said the reason why he did the movie was because it was a retelling of the story of Jesus Christ. The Christ influences include the death and resurrection of Murphy. His hand is nailed by a bullet. He stands in crucified fashion and his body is pierced with many bullets and the last bullet is delivered to his brow. He is taken to the hospital where he his reconstructed. He is then resurrected as half human and half machine. Jesus at his resurrection was also changed. In the end there is the scene when RoboCop goes towards Boddicker and he walks on the water.

RoboCop begins with a night time aerial shot of Detroit and it is the only time Detroit actually appears in the film. "The opening scene is a stock shot of Detroit," Producer Jon Davison affirmed, "the only film stock shot in the entire picture. We had scouted Detroit as a possible location - after all, the movie takes place there - but its architecture just wasn't right." Davison also wanted the Dallas cityscape as the backdrop after seeing a cool office building in the city with a Blue neon accent on top. However when they started shooting the film the neon was busted and was not fixed until the last day of shooting and they never got it on film.

The script for RoboCop was read and turned down by nearly every American director known to man. Then, almost every foreign director turned it down. Director Paul Verhoeven threw the RoboCop script across the room after he read the first 20 pages. His wife then read it, saw more layers to the story than a typical Hollywood B-movie, and urged Verhoeven to re-read it. Having problems with the government in Holland concerning film budgets, he decided to take the job.

Director Paul Verhoeven has a cameo in the club scene when RoboCop goes to arrest Leon Nash. It is right after Nash tries to kick Robo in the nuts.

The criminal in the convienance store picks up an Iron Man comic. That was intentional, and done as a tribute to one of the main influences for the idea of RoboCop.

If you look closely to the comic book rack another "robot" comic book series appears too called ROM. It's about a human soul trapped in a robots body traveling the universe making things right. The comic book acually made 2 appearances in the movie, one on the comic book rack during the convience store hold up and then again during murphys flash back to when his son was watching TJ lazer, if you look closely to his left foot when the camera pans up on to him as hes saying "Wow, can you do that dad?" you also see the second appearance of ROM.

The (POV) point-of-view shots from RoboCop include references to a PC and MS-DOS. The POV shots from RoboCop2 feature a Apple MacIntosh-style interface, with a skull instead of the Apple logo. This makes it RoboCop(PC) versus RoboCop2(Mac)

The computer that RoboCop looks up criminal records on is actually a Northern Telecom telephone switch.

The standard Copyright notice at the end of RoboCop includes a warning that "This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries and its unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution by enforcement droids."

An censored version broadcast on television featured alternate footage of Clarence Boddiker driving AROUND Emil rather than running him over with the car. Also In the shop scene, the criminal crys "Why me?! Why Me?!" instead of "Fuck Me! Fuck Me!". The Ming guy doesn't say "Aaa, Fuck You!" In the cocaine factory instad he says "yeah,for you!". The actors re-recorded all the sexual swear words with lighter, less offensive swearing. Murphy's death was also shorter, less bloody, and you didn't see the hand get blown off.

To look more "cop-like" the director, Paul Verhoeven, wanted Nancy Allen(Lewis) to cut her shoulder-length curly hair. Unfortunately for Nancy, she had to get it cut many times before it was short enough to satisfy him. Stephanie Zimbalist was originally cast as Lewis, but had to give up the part when she was called back to film more episodes of "Remington Steele" (1982). Nancy Allen was then cast and Paul Verhoeven had her cut her hair shorter and shorter several times until it was short enough, as Verhoeven wanted to desexualize the character.

During the filming of the scene where RoboCop grabs Clarence in the drug factory, Weller pulled Kurtwood Smith a bit too hard and Smith ended up hitting Weller's chest plate and received a minor cut to the forehead.

Kurtwood Smiths wife has a small part in RoboCop. She plays Dick Jones's secretary. She is in the scene when Clarence comes to talk to Dick after the Robo VS ED209 fight.

For the theatrical trailer, Orion used the music from their film The Terminator (1984) which is also a movie about a cyborg (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger). Schwarzenegger was briefly considered for the role of RoboCop, but those involved with the film were concerned he would be too bulky in the suit and end up looking like the Michelin Man.