PLAYBACK 2017_ RoboCop's 30th Anniversary Year
Posted by: JimWantsAliens - 3 comments.
Itís that time again to take a look back at the year in Robo merch, events and general stuff. Any year is a good year to be a Robo fan, but 2017 was particularly ...
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RoboCop 2 and 3 - Blu Ray - Special Features announced
Posted by: JimWantsAliens - 54 comments.
The extras on the upcoming RoboCop2 and RoboCop3 Collector Edition Blu-ray releases by Scream factory are now finalized! Check the long list of them below. The release ...
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Posted by: JimWantsAliens - 12 comments.
2016 is nearly over. (It probably is by the time you read this.) But not before we look back at the year in merch and RoboThings. The rule is the things have to have ...
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RoboCop 2 & RoboCop 3 Collector's Editions
Posted by: Kamdan - 10 comments.
Scream Factory will release special Collector's Edition releases of RoboCop 2 and 3 on March 21 2017. The list of special features for both movies will be announced at a ...
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RoboCop in 2017 - What's next for Robo?
Posted by: Johan - 65 comments.
So where do RoboCop go from here? While a direct sequel to the 2014 reboot is very unlikely at this point, and no new comics or games being in production, 2017 will ...
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PLAYBACK 2015_ RoboMerch In Review
Posted by: JimWantsAliens - 14 comments.
Following my review of 2014 (which is HERE.) I thought I'd indulge in another review of my personal ...
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New ROBOCOPS web series by Machinima
Posted by: Johan - 57 comments.
Video entertainment platform Machinima have announced several sci-fi and game-inspired series on May 4 at its Digital Content NewFronts presentation. Showing off its ...
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Robo Scandal: Stuntman used on magazine covers - Not Actor
Posted by: Johan - 18 comments.
If you thought there was something strange looking with Robo on all those magazine covers featuring the remake you'd be right. That odd smirk actually belongs to ...
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WikiLeaks: Joel Kinnaman VS Sony - Leaked e-mails
Posted by: Johan - 21 comments.
Backstory. As you probably know, movie studio Sony got hit with a considerable hackerattack at the end of last year. After the attack, that was traced to a North Korean ...
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RoboCop: The Definitive History - By Titan Books
Posted by: Johan - 44 comments.
Titan books will release a 224 page book entitled "RoboCop: The Definitive History" on Oct 24. The book features everything from the movies, Tv shows to the ...
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